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Located along the Jersey Shore just over an hour away from both New York and Philadelphia, Avon-by-the-Sea is a scenic resort town hailing back to the Victorian era. Once a resort reserved for the wealthy, this town of 2000 permanent residents not only continues to be a popular destination for vacationers and day trippers, but also offers year-round serenity with gorgeous views, sandy beaches, a non-commercial boardwalk, dozens of in-town shops and restaurants, and water features on three sides. 

Local Attractions

Of course, the main attraction of Avon-by-the-Sea is the ocean itself—or more specifically, the sandy Avon beach, which is open year-round. Fishing, boating, scuba diving and surfing are popular outdoor activities, with a public pool and tennis courts also available. A non-commercial boardwalk spans the length of the town’s coastline, offering a quiet, reflective place for a morning or evening stroll.

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Real Estate Information

Median home values in Avon-by-the-Sea are estimated around $880,000, well above the state average—in large part due to location and demand. However, actual home prices can range widely, from the mid-200s for a condominium to nearly $2 million for larger single-family homes. The median household income in Avon is roughly $90,000 annually.


Elementary School

Public school students in Avon grades K-8 attend Avon Elementary School, which is administered by the highly rated Avon School District, enrolling around 160 students per year.

High School

Most Avon students in grades 9-12 attend one of two nearby area high schools, either Asbury Park High School or Manasquan High School. Monmouth County also offers several specialized career academy high schools, to which students in Avon may apply directly. These include:

  • Academy of Allied Health and Science
  • Communications High School
  • Biotechnology High School
  • High Technology High School
  • Marine Academy of Science and Technology